Subject: Re: RE: overnight flight expectations
I've flown on British Airways three times on overnight trips from east coast of USA to various points in Europe. I like their service - polite staff, clean bathrooms, above mediocre food (for airline food). My trips have been economy class but BA provides free bags with headphones, little toothbrush &toothpaste, sock-like slippers, and sleeping mask. There might have been a couple other little items like wet wipes, but I cannot remember. BA keeps you constantly fed and watered. I like this, though my husband does not since he is always woken up when they come by with their carts. But they give out ice cream bars and candy - any airline that does this good in my book!

On the flip side, until this summer all of my long haul flights had been on BA. My US domestic flights were usually under 2 hours. However, this summer I had two long trips, one to Las Vegas and one to Hawaii. I must admit, I was expecting BA standards and was shocked when I had to pay $5.00 for headphones!!! Also the staff seemed to begrudge me even a bit of water each time I asked. I was not used to asking - like I said BA's staff was constantly one the move. But I was safely delivered to all my destinations, what more can you ask for?

Erina in Reston, VA erina