Subject: Re: RE: overnight flight expectations
Um...boyz and girls, (1) It's the easiest thing in the world to do to BUY your own sleep mask, ear plugs, special neck pillow (inflatable, or as I prefer, filled with buckwheat hulls) and thick, warm sox, and have them at the ready when you fly. For the more than 50K miles a year I fly on United (no, I don't think they're the greatest but they have me by the frequent-flyer-miles-benefits hairs, so I hang in there with 'em) I've found this is consistently the most convenient. Even in the premium classes, amenities kits can't compete with what I can pack. and by the way, that goes for the entertainment headsets, too. Invet in a decent pair and you'll be happier than otherwise. (1.5) ALL the major carriers off a meal choice. I'm mostly vegetarian--if there is such a thing--and I'm regularly very pleased with UAL' Asian veg meals. But raving about airline food leaves one suspect as having endured too many bumpy landings, so I'll soft-pedal here. The option exists for you to have your say, though. (2) I use my UAL credit card to rack up a credit-mile for every $US I spend; THOSE credits turn into preferential treatment all along the route, as I either upgrade to Biz or First, OR get a bulkhead aisle seat in economy, and the whole issue of comfort is resolved nicely. Go thou and do likewise. And if you decide to accept a UAL Visa card. let me be your sponsor so I can grab 5K miles UAL offers me for adding you to their customer list. Hope this is received as intended, Kurismas Omedeto Hugs, Moi