Subject: Vienna Restaurants
Here is the main part of my Vienna list of restaurants. If anyone wants any that are really cheap let me know. Sandy, same disclaimer as before.

Cafe Lu-Lu, 43 Kegelgasse, features fixtures by Hundertwasser, Austria's best-known artist, and has become popular with locals. Be sure and see the rest rooms!

Walk the underground Schottentor passage diagonally and surface at the corner of the University of Vienna (rear terminus of trams 43 and 44). Here in winter you can buy the tastiest roasted potatoes in town for 85 cents a bag!

Cafe Landtmann, Dr. Karl Luger-Ring 4, A-1010, Vienna; 639128. Open daily 8 am to midnight except Dec. 24 and 31. A famous landmark on the Ringstrasse over 100 years old. Entrees run from $5-$20. A very popular and famous Vienna coffeehouse. Politicos, newspaper people and gadflies combine to make this a splendid meeting place with an abundance of coziness. One of Vienna's most picturesque and the outdoor cafe is packed when the weather accommodates.

Hietzinger Brau, 1 Auhofstrasse; 877-7087. Old Vienna at its best. A brewery turned into a restaurant whose menu consists of almost nothing but boiled beef of every imaginable cut, served with different sauces and vegetables. An upscale restaurant on the edge of the city just off the road to Linz. The house specialty is tafelspitz a veal goulash with dumplings. Typical Viennese decor. Dinners $10-$20.

Steirereck, 2 Rasumofskygasse; 713-3168. Vienna's fanciest place. resembles a medieval banquet hall. New-style Vienna cuisine with superb service. Try the Styrian lamb with vegetables lasagna. $50 per person for a 5-course prix-fixe dinner. .Entrees from $24.

Wein Comptoir, 6 Backerstrasse; 512-1760. A quiet spot with a stand-up bar on the ground floor and a few tables on the first-floor balcony. Food light and a good selection of international wines. $30 per person.

Kervansaray, 9 Mahlerstrasse; 512-8843. Excellent turkish-influenced food, especially the seafood and lamb. $43 per person.

Landhaus Winter, 262 Albernerhafen Zufartgasse; 762317. Specialties are freshwater fish and fish soup, but everything else is delicious also. Wiener schnitzel is wonderful. $42 per person.

Do &Co., Stephansplatz 12; 535-3969. An elegant bar serving snacks and lunch. In the new Hans Hollein-designed Haas Haus and serves excellent food. Entrees start from $15.

Eckel, 1190 Sieveringerstrasse; 323218. An old-fashioned restaurant with a charming garden and great Austrian food. and was a favorite of the late Chancellor Kreisky. Entrees from $13.

Zum Schwarzen Kamel, 5 Bognergasse; 638125. A snack bar has excellent brown-bread sandwiches with interesting spreads, plus first-class wines. Lunch only, $2.

Da Conte, 12 Kurrentgasse; 5336-4640. A great Italian delicatessen with a few stand-up places. Push your way through the crowds of shoppers and fight (or wait) for one of the tables. $16 per person for lunch.

Hedrich, 2 Stubenring; 512-9588. Popular lunch place for the top civil servants of the former Imperial War Ministry. Offers a good mixture of nouvelle cuisine and health food. Serves lunch and late-afternoon drinks and snacks. Open until 9 pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday. $30 per person.

Zu Den Drei Hacken, 28 Singerstrasse; 512-5895. A Viennese pub with a terrace in front for outdoor dining. $16 per person.

Bei Max, 2 Herrengasse-Landhausgasse; 637359. A Viennese pub serving Carinthian food. Try their Kasnudel, a ravioli filled with herb-spiced white cheese. $17 per person.

Zum Herkner, 123 Dornbacherstrasse; 454386. A pub out toward the Vienna Woods. Combine your lunch or dinner with a hike. You can get there by taking the #48 streetcar. $32 per person.

Korso bei der Oper, Bristol Hotel, 1 Karntner Ring, Viennese specialties. Very good. Has a Michelin star. Dinner for two about $100.

Zur Majestat, Imperial Hotel, 16 Karntner Ring Viennnese specialties that are delicious. Dinner for two about $100.

Zu Den 3 Hacken, 28 Singerstrasse; 525895. To go for Tafelspitz. Lunch for two about $50.

Zu den Drei Husaren, Weihburggasse 4; 512-1092. A popular, old favorite restaurant in Vienna. One of the top ones. Entrees from $26.

Palais Schwarzenberg, Schwarzenbergplatz 9; 784515. One of the top restaurants in Vienna. Entrees from $22.

Schwarzenberg, On the Ring, near the Schwarzenbergplatz. A coffee house that is sedate and cozy, it draws theater and opera-goers, it's a five-minute walk from the Stat Opera House, and provides the perfect perch for people-watching from its outdoor tables. Waiters are friendly, the Old World charm practically oozes here, and there's no better place for a winter nightcap.

Zu den Drei Buchtein, Margaretenstrasse 11, 587-1310. Serves Viennese cuisine with a Bohemian influence. Entrees from $7.

Im Kunsthaus, Weissgerlande, 14 712-0497, a blend of the old and new Vienna. Very good. About $17 per person, including wine or beer.

Gasthaus Zum Herkner, Dornbacherstrasse 123, 454386. Serves a potluck of regional (Hungarian, Bohemian, Slovakian and Croatian) cuisine and has lots of regulars coming back. Entrees from $6.

Oswald und Kalb, Backerstrasse 14; 512-6992. The place to come and people-watch. Features Styrian-influenced Gasthaus cooking to an art-world clientele, and is one of the stops for dinner! Entrees from $8.

Salzamt, Ruprechtsplatz 1; 533-5332. Also popular with locals and a good place to people- watch. Entrees from $9.

Cafe Sperl, 11 Gumpendorfer Strasse, 564158. A favorite coffeehousse of many locals. Near the Theater an der Wien. Inside the coffeehouse you feel transported into the past, just by looking at the silk-shaded lights, the worn plush seats and the huge brass epergne holding glasses for the cold water always served with coffee.

Top Museum Cafe: Museum of Applied Arts, 5 Stubenring, a very tasty, imaginative restaurant.

Top drink in Vienna is a Testarossa which is prosecco champagne mixed with fresh strawberry puree.

Spatzennest, 7th district, Ulrichsplatz 1; 526-1659, Sun.-Thurs to midnight. A busy, neighborhood bistro frequented almost entirely by local residents and specializing in traditional Viennese dishes. Dinnes with wine about $47 for two. Service qauick, friendly and efficient.

Restaurants specializing in inexpensive, but hearty Viennese food:

Figlmuller, 1st district, Wollzeile 5; 512-6177, daily to 10:30 pm. Main courses from about $8. Famous for huge portions of schnitzel.

Smutny, 1st district, Elisabethstrasse 8; 587-1356. Daily to midnight. Daily specials from about $9. Serving Budvar and Pilsner Urquell on draft. Interesting tile decor.

Nudel &Strudel, Schottenbastei 4, 533-6128, a beisl where you won't find many tourists, this one inside the Ring near the University, uniqaue for the hundreds of pieces of old hardware framed and hung on the walls. There is a daily special that includes soup and entree for about $7.

Cafes with great charm and dependably interesting crowds include Braunerhof, Stallburggasse 2, Pruckel , Stubenring 24, slightly worn at the edges but with decent food, high ceilings and terrific light for reading daily papers, one of the great old cafes of the Ring; Frauenhuber, Himmelpfortgasse 6; and Tirolerhof, Tegetthoffstrasse 8. Alt Wien, Backerstrasse 9 and Englander, Postgasse 2, attract a particularly arty clientele and are open until at least two in the morning. Hawelka, Dorotheergasse 6, funky with worn tables and chazirs sagging booths that provide comfort and celeb wannabes, no logner a hangout for the elite and the artistes, but the coffee is terrific and the waiters in their black sjites are right out of a Sternberg film. Demel, Kohlmarkt 14, not a true kaffeehaus, but perhaps the ultimate konditorei, where the cakes and pastries come in a close second to the coffee. The 200-year-old Viennese insttution is a must- stop on every tourist's agenda it is essential Vienna. Central, Herrengasse 14, this is |Vienna's most stunning cafae today and probably its most important. Among the guests who gathered to quarrel, flatter, philosophize and play chess were Theodor Herzl and Rainer Maria Rilke, Alfred Adler and Arthur Schnitzler and Sigmund Freud!

Great coffeehouses: Cafe Stein, 6-8 Wahringer Strasse, draws a hip crowd; Cafe Braunerhof, 2 Stallburggasse, for traditionalists, and Cafe Museum, 6 Friedrichstrasse. Cafe Hawelka, Dorotheergasse 6, A mid-city coffeehouse haven for young artists and writers and where Josefine Hawlka still makes the pastries every night at 10 despite her 80 years.Coffee and cake for two $10. Cafe Braunerhof, 2 Stallburggasse; Slightly faded, very seductive. Excellent farmer cheese Topfenstrudel. Coffee and cake for two $12. Cafe Central, 14 Herrengasse. Fine Mokka and Melange are served with exquisite care; the sour-cherry plunder (a Danish pastry) is definitive. Coffee and cake for two $15. Demel, 14 Kohlmarkt. Gorgeous if uneven pastries are reverentially displayed. Pluck salads and sandwiches from the steeply priced cold buffet. Lunch for two $70. Gerstner im Kunsthistorisches, 5 Burgring; 43-1/526-1361. Sour-plum gateau and stout Melange under the dome of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Coffee and cake for two $15. Heiner, 9 Wollzeile. A snug, beautifully paneled bandbox with drop-dead sweets. Coffee and cake for two $15.