Subject: Avoid Thai Air - I don't think so
There are probably good reasons to Les Thompson as to why he would want to take his dog to Thailand but I would question the sensibility of it. What about rabies? His dog could contract it in Thailand and then take it back to the US.

Regarding the extra charges - there does seem to have been a very annoying mix up. Perhaps as dogs are not frequent fliers not many know the procedures.

Airline meals are always only mediocre - it's something you can always accuse airlines of if you're annoyed with them.

Razors and toothbrushes in the toilets? I can't remember ever seeing any airline (economy) provide those and anyway don't you usually travel with your own?

Sorry les Thompson but you haven't provided a strong enough case for boycotting Thai. My travels with them have always been fine.

Now if we were talking about Olympic then that's another matter.