Subject: Warning - Hotel Reservations Network
I have waited to write this, in the hopes that something would work out, but I want you all to know what happened, in hopes of avoiding difficulties of your own. Early last week I called the Hotel Reservations Network (HRN) to ensure that we had all we needed for our arrival in Paris on the 31st. I was assured by the representative, who checked my booking number, that all we had to do was show up with our printed and confirmed reservation in hand, and our room would be waiting. On Friday, I e-mailed the hotel to ask for directions, secure parking nearby, and to confirm internet access, which we needed to submit an article we'll be writing. I was appalled to receive a fax the next day informing me that they had no record of a reservation for us. Since then, I've spent much time on the phone with the hotel, and with HRN. Bottom line - no room. Every phone call or e-mail with HRN has been at our instigation - no response or attempt to resolve the problem from them. And the only compensation offered has been a refund of our payment to HRN! On a happier note, I'll post another entry about our altered plans, and sure hope that this helps protect others from such a dreadful experience. Anne in Virginia