Subject: Re: Hotels in Florida
Be prepared for long lines in the parks (Magic Kingdom, MGM, Epcot, etc.) on Easter week. As far as I know, they are still priced about the same and have similar amenities. We've stayed at Caribbean Beach resort 3 times and loved it. You are smart in staying inside the WDW park - then you can enter the parks earlier than if you stayed outside (to avoid SOME of the crowd); also, you don't need a car and you can travel back and forth from your hotel area to the parks anytime of day on the easy -to-use transportation system. YOu'll also have access within your resort to bikes, boats, etc. - fun, especially if you travel with kids. You can request a small refrigerator (used to be no extracharge) for your room, too, then you can stock it with quick lunch and snack food. I don't know anything about Daytona. Have fun! Karen RI, USA