Subject: Re: Germany 32 yrs later
Hi Gaylin,

We loved visiting the Castles near Munich, though train travel to the area is a bit difficult compared with other destinations.

In 1970, a young German couple took us to the Maathauser Bier Stadt in Munich, located at Bayerstrasse 5. We have been back twice, it's still there, and the best part is upstairs. No American seem to go there and the spirits are wonderful!

We also love Salzburg and the German Rail Pass will get you there (not any further, though) and then back into Germany. We know of a neat B and B that is on the bus route in that town. but it will be more costly than hostels.

Rothenburg is a delightful destination as well. We hired a guide from the Tourist Office there and had a very interesting tour, learning lots of thigs that aren't in the Guides.

Have a great time.