Subject: Re: Germany 32 yrs later
gaylyn, it sounds like you've got a great trip planned. i currently have a house in wurzburg, which is a small town in northern bavaria but at the present moment i am living during the week in wiesbaden, a spa town near frankfurt (i moved to germany six months ago).

i just got here to wiesbaden last week so i can't tell you much about it except that it's very very expensive. apparently, there are a lot of old, well-to-do people living here. the baths, however, are great but i think you can find baths in all german cities with the name 'bad' in it. the most famous is baden baden, a tourist capital. i have yet to experience it but i understand that it's a lovely place.

i would definitely suggest that you include bavaria in your travels through germany. it has a distinct culture that is different from other parts of germany.

much of what you want to see depends on what type of vacation you want. do you want to do the tourist thing or do you want to go off the beaten track?

as for border countries, i'm a bit biased and spend most of my free time south, in the alps; in france, switzertland, austrian or italy. i love hiking and backpacking and the alps are my home away from home. if you're interested in hiking and backpacking, you can do trips through the alps and stay in alpine huts high up in the mountains. depending on how long you will be here, you can also get in some glacier skiing or snowboarding. i've been snowboarding in the alps since october and the snow is incredible, the scenery is majestic and the people are so incredibly nice everywhere. i'm headed down to the austrian alps this weekend for another boarding trip. it's a spa town that i'm going to so if you're interested, i can let you know about it after my trip.

aside from the alps, i've been to prague, which was incredible. if you have time, you could squeeze in a train ride over the border and experience the enchanting city of countless spires.

as for lodging, aside from munchen, which will be overflowing with oktoberfest celebrants at that time, you shouldn't have problems finding accomodations. I usually prefer to stay in small german bed and breakfasts because they're more intimate than big hotels and invariably the hosts are more friendly and knowledgeable about the events and must-sees in the area.

you can e-mail me directly if you want specifics or would like me to ask around for particular places you have in mind or have heard of. since i am living here, i may be able to get info that you aren't able to readily obtain. i'll help the best i can!