Subject: Slovenia
Hi Art,

I was in Slovenia (on business) just a month after it became independent and can't add too much to the knowledge bank here because I, unfortunately, had very little time to sightsee and regret that I didn't keep any notes from that trip. BUT - it is, without a doubt, one of my favourite countries in Europe and the people are incredibly friendly and hospitable.

The two places I went to - the caves (spectacular) and Lake Bled (beautiful) are still vivid memories. I took a picture of the Lake, looking at the lovely island with a 17C church on it, from the property where Tito stayed. Even though the one day we had there was rainy and grey - the picture turned out so well, I had it blown up and framed and put it in the reception of my Calgary office. We had many comments about that picture and it inspired at least two visitors (that I know of) to go to Slovenia JUST because they wanted to see Lake Bled (and they weren't disappointed)!

One other memory sticks in my mind - that of the best pizza I've ever had (with all sorts of veggies on it)! Sorry - no idea where it was now but .... it was an unexpected delight (since most of the other food I had was rather heavy and starchy).

I'm resolved to get back there some day and have the time to 'toodle' around by car. Have a great time - and please tell us about it when you get back.

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong