Subject: RE: New member
Thanks Don and Linda for welcoming me to the list! I am excited to follow the discussion and appreciate the forum to talk abou tone of my favorite passions - travel!!

Thank you also for allowing me to let list members know about a great

opportunity to help young people travel while at the same time earning travel awards. The organization I work for coordinates study abroad programs for students from 27 countries from around the world. We just added Argentina this year and of coarse I am personally hoping to be able to visit the country! I hear it is amazing! Roughly 3000 students between the ages of 15 and 18 travel with us each year and we a re always looking for people in the United States and Canada to get involved with our program in their home communities - helping to promote cultural exchange and acting as a friend and mentor to these young students. Having personally lived in a country by myself where I did not speak the language I know how important it is for the students to have a touch stone in the community. I think anyone who has traveled and felt lost in another culture can probably relate! We have about 1000 people across the nation who are working with our program in this capacity but always happy to welcome more travel minded individuals so I thought I would extend the invitation to anyone out there in the US or Canada who might be interested. In return, our organization awards volunteers with airline tickets and trips abroad as a way of saying thank you for helping a teenager from abroad learn about another culture. I would be happy to discuss the program further with anyone who might be interested or you can always visit our web page. For me it has been a neat way to stay involved with travel and global learning even when I am based from home.

Happy travels,

Catriona Rayl Boston, Ma Hi Catriona,

Thank you for making us aware of your organization. As you have so much past travel experience, we know that you'll have much to contribute to our discussions. Please consider including the URL of your organization in your signature (in addition to your name and your city) so interested Ziners will know what your organization is about.