Subject: Islands in the Sun
For Anglophiles only!! Here are two of our favorite islands in the world, but I can't guarantee that the are always sunny. However, since there are both south of the mainland of England, there is a lot of chance of sun, plus delightful people, charming places to stay, lovely walks, beautiful seacoasts, sand beaches, and an atmosphere that makes us long to be there -- from April on to October are good times -- with the additional benefit being that the weather is not boiling hot in the summer, as is often the case with places around here. 1) Herm, a tiny Channel Island close to Guernsey and 2)Bryher, the smallest of the inhabited Scilly Islands, with frequent boat transportation to all of the other Scilly Isles. So, Cynthia, these may not qualify for winter dream retreats, but the very thought of going to them keeps us happy all year around! Cheers, Pat in Baltimore P.S. Several of our friends tell us that the ideal island retreat is the Seychelles.