Subject: RE: Accommodation and Travel in Slovenia

Thanks again to Rok for the great tips. I will be staying at the Motel Vindis and will let the list know how things go.

Rok,if I could follow up on your comments about the Vipava area. You mention the Manor Zemono. Is this a place where you can stay a night or is it a place to visit. Forgive me but I am not familiar with the Slovenian Slow Food Movement. Would you care to give a few details about it or refer me to something I could read?? The idea of staying at a tourist farm appeals to us. As a matter of fact over half of our time in Italy is booked in Agriturismo. We have not yet had such an experience and are looking forward to it very much. Most of this part of our holiday will be in central Tuscany. Can you recommend one in the Vipava area that would be a good experience---hopefully they would take a one night booking as a lot in Italy require one week min. stay.

A question about currency in Slovenia. Must all payments for food and lodging be made in cash in Slovenian currency? I assume most inns would want cash rather than credit card however, do they insist on local currency? Would any in the Lenart area accept Austrian, DM, or USD? On the Italian side, how about Lire?

Appreciating this group very much.

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