Subject: Re: Italy
I think that Spanish and English are enough to be able to communicate with people. I have an Spanish friends: we speak in our language without using English even though I never studied Spanish and he never studied Italian. Not all the words are similar but, at least, 85% are.

The zone that you choose (Sorrento) is very nice. From Sorrento you can do some interesting one day/half day trips. You can visit Naples and surroundings. The historical center of Naples is listed as the UNESCO trust. In Naples there are many nice squares, you can walk through Spaccanapoli street (many handicraft shops), let visit churches, the Archeological museum (you'll find pieces from Pompei and Ercolano ruins) and Capodimonte museum that was the countryside king palace. You can visit the city king palace in Plebiscito square, Maschio Angioino castle, St. Martino monastery (now is a museum). Moreover you can visit under grounds of Naples: the Greek and Roman aqueducts, the entrance of Napoli Sotterranea is on the left side of St. Paolo Maggiore church. There is an old roman road with shop ruins just under St. Lorenzo Maggiore church (entrance is into the cloister) and there are some catacomb near Capodimonte too. Under the main church (Duomo) there are some ruins of the paleo-christian church. Don't forget to visit the very nice St. Chiara's cloister (1700) near Gesu' Nuovo square. Around Naples you can visit the well know archeological site of Pompei or Ercolano ruins (you can get to both town by the Circumvesuviana railway). I prefer Ercolano because it is more preserved than Pompei and it is less visited by tourist than Pompei even though Ercolano is smaller than Pompei. In Pozzuoli (Cumana railway from Naples) you can visit the Solfatara where sulfur vapors come from the ground: it is a manifestation of the volcano Vesuvio. Sometime the Solfatara was used to make movie with scene of inferno. Also you can visit Capri and Ischia island and Positano seaside. At Naples you could have the best pizza of the World!!!

Enjoy our trip.

Ciao, Marco (Milan, Italy).