Subject: Anniversary Trip...Suggestions Please
Hello Everyone,

I mentioned late last year that I would be writing to you all for your suggestions for a 10th Anniversary trip that I would like to surprise my wife with in May. Well, now's your chance to share your wealth of travel experience.

I (we) would like to take a trip of 7(min) to 10 (max) days. Since it will be our first major trip together (Jenn has come along on a couple of 2-3 day business trips with me) since getting married, we'd like it to be special. All of the recent posts on Paris and Ireland just make me drool, but I don't think that we could afford to do a trip like this. I wouldn't want to do Paris 'on the cheap' just to say I/we went there. Our budget is approximately $5000-5500 (CDN) or approx $ 3300-3600 (US).

I'm inundated with brochures, of every description, and that certainly isn't helping (I guess). We both like walking/hiking, fine dining and wine tasting. We would also like it to be fairly relaxed, so do not want to adhere to any kind of rigid tour schedule; and would prefer (although it's not a must) someplace more private/secluded and smallish. Friends have recommended a cruise, but again with the new Mega-Ships, I think it would be too crowded for our liking; also, my wife to date hasn't done well, on any of the smaller boat trips she's been on, but we've never been on one of the large cruise ships, so 'sea legs' or lack thereof probably isn't an issue.

Our honeymoon was spent at Sandals in Jamaica, that would just squeek in on budget, but we'd prefer to try someplace we've never been before.

So there it is....any and all suggestions are most welcome, also if you need more information from me, please feel free to email me privately.

Many thanks for all of your (anticipated) help!

John Wiernikowski Hamilton, Ontario CANADA