Subject: Re: Italy
When my husband and I were in Italy last Christmas, we used a B&B service called Bed &Breakfast Italia. Their email address is md4095 and they have a web site at Their address is Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 282, 00186 Roma. The telephone is 39 06 6878618 and the fax is 39 06 6878619. My husband wrote an extensive travelogue on this trip which was posted to the Travelzine list in the shared files section. If you are interested I can forward it to you as a Word 6.0 or Text attachment. We paid 95,000 Lira for the room and continental breakfast. The room was clean but very basic; however, it was only a block from the forum so it was in an excellent location. We did have some problems connecting with the landlady; you can read about these in the travelogue, or Laurie (formerly from Rome but now from Mexico) can also fill you in on all our adventures. I would suggest that you have a reservation for your stay in Rome as this is a Jubilee year for the Catholic church.

Ann Widdowson Victoria, BC