Subject: Re: RE: Accommodation and Travel in Slovenia
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>From: Art Sauder

>You mention the Manor Zemono. Is this a place where you can stay a night or
>is it a place to visit. Forgive me but I am not familiar with the Slovenian
>Slow Food Movement. Would you care to give a few details about it or refer
>me to something I could read?? The Zemono Manor is a nice renaissance building on a hill overlooking the valley and has remarkable frescoes. I remember there's a restaurant too. Another scenic place is the restored medieval town of Stanjel, just a few kms east of Vipava.

>this part of our holiday will be in central Tuscany. Can you recommend one
>in the Vipava area that would be a good experience---hopefully they would
>take a one night booking as a lot in Italy require one week min. stay. A good place to stay could be Postojna, which is less than 50 kms from the border. It has plenty of hotels and inns, I also saw some signs of farm and private rooms accommodations, but I'm not sure they rent for one night only.

>A question about currency in Slovenia. Must all payments for food and
>lodging be made in cash in Slovenian currency? Hotels take credit cards, but little inns and restaurant will probably take cash only. There are many exchange facilities at the tourist offices, hotel receptions and even gas stations. Postojna caves ticket office accept all major currencies and in the area near to Italian border you can usually pay in Italian Lira. The exchange rate is usually as good as in the banks. I don't know how it works near the Hungarian border, but I think DM are ever welcomed.

Talking about routes, from Postojna you can go towards Nova Gorica via the Vipava valley, crossing the wine country and going through the border at Gorizia, then take the highway to Venice (about 1 1/2 hour drive). Otherwise you can head straight to Trieste, across the rough landscape of Carso (Kras in Slovenia), wooden hills and bare white stone together, cross the border on the outskirts of Trieste and take a look at the gulf from uphill, if you don't wish to go downtown. From there the highway takes you to Venice through a flat country in about the same time.

Hope this helps in your planning.