Subject: Re: Anniversary Trip...Suggestions Please

For your anniversary can I suggest Budapest with a side trip or two within Hungary. It is a fantastically romantic city. Happens to be my favourite city and I know it to be a wonderful place to get away.

On your budget you could certainly afford Hungary which, like the rest of Eastern/Central Europe, has increased in price over the past decade it still a bargain.

Malev, the Hungarian national airline, flies on Tuesdays and Fridays from Toronto to Budapest.

There are so many side trips from Budapest (Eger, Pec, Sopron, Szeged) that I won't go into them here but I couldn't recommend anywhere more highly than Hungary. A beautiful country, friendly people, affordable and, just maybe, a little more exotic than a package Caribbean tour.

If you would like specifics about travel in Hungary please feel free to contact me directly.

Cheers Jude