Subject: Re: islands in the sun
While some may consider it mundane, my husband and I had two incredible trips to Bermuda. We stayed with friends who were in the Navy at the time, and seeing the island from their perspective was fantastic. My most memorable moment in Bermuda was on a warm evening as we were taking a short hike through a woodsy and very quiet public park, far from any commercial tourism. There were perhaps a dozen people gazing over a small wooden bridge in anticipation. We joined them to witness the most miraculous sight: Strange underwater glow worms spiraling through the water of a stream, in some apparently rare reproductive ritual. It was amazing, and if anyone knows anything about it, I would love to hear. Bermuda, with few cars, friendly inhabitants, great beaches and natural beauty, loads of historical interest....We had another great moment while waiting for a local bus. A lovely older woman told us to hop in and took us to St George's in her car. We met nothing but the friendliest people in Bermuda. Debbie Cole-Weber