Subject: Re: Anniversary Trip...Suggestions Please
It is just my opinion, but My vote would be for Italy. It is cheaper than London, and in May the weather should be wonderful, full of flowers.... London can still be cold and dreary in May, and it is very expensive. I go to London at least 5 times a year, and enjoy it very much, especially for its indoor activities, such as the theatre and its museums, but I am afraid that a Canadian might die of shock when he/she sees the current prices to eat, drink, and have fun in London. Italy is still cheaper and friendlier than France, although as a Canadian you may speak French, which makes it a whole new ballgame. If you have never been to Italy, I would suggest Tuscany and Umbria, (or Rome and the Amalfi Coast if you want a beach, and like seafood, specifally Positano or Ravello) which are very close to each other, and full of wonderful museums, romantic hill towns, great architecture, religious sites, and there are affordable trattorias, if you look hard enough. Granted, Portugal, and even Spain are cheaper, but Italy would be my choice.