Subject: Slovenia, Nova Gorica
Hi, Art! You are interested in western part of Slovenia, Nova Gorica as I understand and the region along the border with Italy (Triest). I Live in Nova Gorica so I can give you a couple of details about the place. Nova Gorica was built after the Second World War. Gorizia, or Gorica as Slovene part of population call it (Goerz in German) is the old town that remained under Italy. Decision for building a completely new town was entirely political. Nevertheless, my generation (1951) prefers to think that Nova Gorica and Gorizia is the same town. Most of us speak both languages (Italian and Slovene) and we use both parts of town, regardless of the state border cutting it in two. There is a relatively unknown fact about life in this region concerning many nations living here. there were newspaper edited daily in Gorica/Gorizia/Goerz in four languages before fascism came to power in Italy: Slovene, Italian, German and Hebrew. There was a Hebrew community in Gorizia before Second World War, besides German, Slovene and Italian one. This will give you an idea of how open this place once was to different influences. Of course, there are many wonderful places here to be seen. There is only a little more than half an hour ride from here to the seaside and about the same to the nearest skiing resort. Mild Mediterranean climate, wine and olive country with good Mediterranean food, yet with many influences coming from different nationalities who brought them here as they moved to these places long time ago. Many lovely places to visit, restaurants, inns serving typical food and good local wines. All you have to do is to choose. If you have any specific questions or desires, please feel free to contact me, I will be glad to help. Goran