Subject: For Ty - Alicante, trains and selling Leviīs in Europe
Hi, Ty.

Welcome to the Travelzine. Although I have had the opportunity (I have a friend there), Iīve never been to Alicante, but my brother has been going there for the last seven years during springtime (now heīs thirty, but still a child). He says that the bar scene is great, and they have always enjoyed going away from the rainy North. I say your only problem will be that houses can be a bit cold, because they are prepared for summertime, not winter, but... Eat a lot of different rices, not only paella. There are ferries that can take you in a few hours to Ibiza (just take care when in Ibiza, so many british clubbers...). Learn not only spanish, but also valenciano. Think about travelling around by bus, usually they are better in Spain than the train, and check the different plane offers. As Alicante is a very popular place for charter flights, you might find a cheap offer to somewhere up in cold Europe...

And now the trains. My advice: take second class. Itīs not such a big difference, except the price. I prefer open cars instead of compartiments, because you can see more people. In a six-people compartiment I feel a bit crammed.

About smoking. Since last November, all the public transportation inside Spain is smoking-free. That includes trains, buses and planes.

Get yourself an ISIC-card, for discounts and special offers.

And now the important part: making money. Years ago, 15 or so, there was a thriving commerce of people going to the States and buying Leviīs for the friends here in Spain. It wasnīt easy to buy them here, and that was the only way (Leviīs 501, if I havenīt forgotten). But right now ... I donīt think so. Maybe some remote place in Eastern Europe... Have you thought about how heavy they are, and the small amount of money you could get? Well, thatīs my opinion. I donīt know what our friends in the rest of Europe will think.

If you want to find a job, I think you should be able to find help at the University. Irish pubs are becoming more and more popular in Spain, so find your irish ancestor or pray for the gift of the gab, and talk your way into becoming a barman. Or maybe english lessons...

Anyway, keep in touch and tell us your adventures. And take care.

Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)