Subject: RE: benelux advice needed
I agree with Amelia's suggestion about going to Keukenhof (sp?) near Amsterdam. There are endless flowers, and you can spend a couple pleasant hours there. If you love cats, visit the Pozen boot in Amsterdam - a houseboat for stray cats (somewhere between 100-200?). Another interesting thing to see in the Netherlands if you're in the area is Alkmaar on Friday mornings, when they have the cheese market. Not your every day market. They wear special dress (they remind me of gondoliers!) as they load the rolls of cheese in the trucks. It's interesting to watch their little routine of how they go about doing it. If you go to The Hague, visit Madurodam, the miniature city with exact replicas of specific places in Amsterdam and other cities.

If you have time, try to take a side trip to Luxembourg. It's absolutely beautiful - reminded me of a Utopia. You can get there very easily by train.

Laurie in Mexico City (formerly in Rome)