Subject: Re: England and Wales intinerary
I definately have to agree with you on this piece of advice. I didn't get to spend much time at all in Cornwall, but we did take a full half day in Land's End from Penzance. We didn't _plan_ on staying for that many hours, but the views are just so tremendous that we couldn't leave. Of course, we were having a wonderful time tempting our fates scampering -- carefully -- along the rocky cliffs beyond the Warning: Dangerous Cliffs signs.

My advice. Don't be so afraid that you don't climb around. Just be scared enough to respect the cliffs and don't do anything stupid. We were there just days after a German tourist had fallen from the same cliffs, so accidents _do_ happen.

Oh yeah, make sure you know the bus schedule. We were caught there until 10 at night because we didn't know that the last bus before the 10:00 ran at like 7. We came close to being stuck there. Of course, watching the sunset over the water and cliffs would have been worth it :-)

Good luck!

Mandy Huffman