Subject: Re: Ireland questions

> From: D &B Mawdsley

> What I would like are suggestions of places to eat and foods we must at
> least try.

Even after lots of field research , I am not really sure what authentic Irish food is. I am told the whole corned beef and boiled cabbage thing is an Irish-AMERICAN dish that came about in nineteenth century New York City and has Jewish influences. Anyway, I digress, in Dublin the best Irish food will be the pub grub and the breakfast at the Jurys Inn. I also recommend smoked haddock at a fish 'n chips type place. Dublin is very cosmopolitan and multi-cultural. The best seafood I had in Dublin were at two different French restaurants -one had a Swedish chef and the other a German chef!

I can highly recommend Irish cheeses. Irish goat cheese is superb! Soft, flavorful - the perfect spread for the ubiquitous Irish brown bread. Irish brie is also very good and cheap compared to the authentic French brie. There are several great cheese stores in Dublin but I cannot remember the names of any of them. You might run into them - I found them wandering around the Grafton and Suffolk streets shopping areas.

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