Subject: Re: London Car Rental
Dear Jude,

Here are two car-rental broker/agencies that might help you get a good deal on a rental. Sandy in L A

Auto Net International, 888/880-8999, isn't a car rental agency, it's something more akin to a broker, working with different companies (primarily, but not exclusively, in Europe) to find the lowest car rental prices, then passing them on to the consumer. And for travel from now through Europe's summer high season, they've got some substantial bargains, with economy cars priced as low as $89 for an entire week. Here's how it works: You prepay the cost of the car and are then issued a voucher, which you then redeem at the time you pick up your car. Auto Net works with major American and European car rental agencies (primarily Avis and Europcar). The cost of the car includes unlimited mileage and third-party liability, but does not include any other kind of insurance. (If you're paying by credit card, you can often get automatic coverage, but check carefully with the card company to see what restrictions might apply, and--absolutely crucial--what kind of documentation you need to supply in case of an accident in order to be covered.) What's the biggest determinant in the cost of a European rental car? Probably the country in which you pick up and drop off the vehicle. Auto Net's $89 rate, for example, depends upon the journey beginning and ending in Germany, which is known for having the least costly auto rental rates. If you pick up and drop off your car in Belgium, the price is $99, then steeply rises. (The next cheapest country, Austria, has a $130/week rate.) These prices do not include the value-added tax assessed by the individual countries.

Worldwide Travel Group, a Florida-based firm, believes it has the lowest car rental rates for Europe. Best of all, they use a major American auto rental company for these rentals. daily rates apply to rentals of one to four days, weekly to rentals of five to seven days, and extra day rates for eight days or more. For more information or to make reservations, phone Worldwide Travel Group at 800/841-8222 or fax them at 800/603-0584. Their Web site is