Subject: Re: : Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Gretchen, We had a wonderful trip to Northern New Mexico...we stayed a few nights in Santa Fe at the Native American owned and run Hotel Santa Fe which is a wonderful place and very reasonable. Then we went to Taos via Chimayo. Had a great time...Chimayo is very nice, with a lovely inn for staying or a meal, and Taos was fun. The Taos Pueble was fascinating.

(My husband is standing here raving about the Hotel Santa Fe....and he is very ....hmm....shall we say, aware...of getting good value at hotels... But as he says, How can any couple afford to travel if ONE of them isn't cheap? I tend to be pull toward the deluxe, and he is drawn toward the flea bags, so we sort of balance each other out!)

We had a terrible experience at a Santa Fe B&B, and wandered desperately into the Hotel Santa Fe, where they treated us wonderfully and gave us an exceptional room for an incredibly low price. I believe it was January or early Feb, and that may have had an influence on the low price.

Hotel Santa Fe 1501 Paseo de Peralta Santa Fe NM 87501 1 800 825 9876 Tel 505 982 1200 Fax 505 984 2211

Now I have to write this up for the hotel database. Have fun in New Mexico.....great food by the way....let me know what towns you are visiting and I will forward restaurant recommendations. Have fun, Debbie Cole-Weber