Subject: Bastogne
Hi -- someone emailed privately and asked for further information about my Bastogne comments, so in case others are interested, too, here 'tis:

>> I was lucky enough several years ago to, along with friends from here, join Dutch friends for a small vacation. We went to the Dutch family's vacation home in the Ardennes area, and did day trips from there. I remember that one of the days was spent in and around Bastogne; I was awed by all the signs on the highways showing where front-line US troops, French troops, etc. had been, etc., others marking various miltary movements. The museum was small but very well-done; it was of interest to me as a layman about WWII, and would be of enormous interest to anyone who has followed a more disciplined interested in WWII. I also remember going out to a memorial of some sort there. I was so interested in it all that one of the Dutch friends bought me a book entitled Bastogne, by Guy Franz Arend.

These were the same Dutch friends who, on our first visit to Holland, took us almost immediately to a memorial/museum in southern Holland honoring US/Allied troops; the gratitude of the Dutch people is still overwhelming.>>

Sally Watkins, CTC