Subject: Bdapest, Cracow, and Warsaw hotels
We were in Poland last April and May, and stayed in some nice hotels. In Cracow we stayed in the Saski. I would certainly stay there again. The location s fantastic. It's only about 1/2 block from the market square (rynek). It's at ul. lawkowska 3. Tel: 48-12-421-4222; Fax: 48-12-421-4830. We paid 1100 zloty for our 4-night stay. I don't remember what the exchange rate was then.

In Cracow, dining suggestions are: Wierzynek, Chlopskie Jadlo, Pod Aniolami, Ariel and Chimera.

You'll love Poland. It's a great value destination. Cracow is one of 9 European cities featured in the year 2000.

Best, Joan Peterson