Subject: Greece, Turkey, Egypt
I agree that you should avoid a train from Germany to Greece! I took a train from Venice to Athens some years ago: it was an terrible trip. It took 45 hours, there was not a restaurant car, the toilet had no water, nobody changed our bed sheet after the first night and a smuggler used my train compartment to transport something (we discover that when we arrived in Greece after had passed through 2 border). The second time that I went in Greece I used the plane!!

About Turkey, I would suggest you to visit Turkey without a tour trip. It is easy travel trough Turkey by buses (they are fast and comfortable and the bus network is good). Moreover, I strongly recommend a visit Capadocia district (in the middle of the country, it is a world trust!). Here in Capadochia you can discover the real Turkey against the more touristic seaside zone.

Marco Milan