Subject: Morocco
We found the countryside most interesting with its varied landscapes, the olive presses, and I wished we could have eaten more of the food. We kept to the recommendations of no dairy, no uncooked food, nothing you did not peel yourself. We had been 90 days without being sick and we wished to remain in that condition. Some of the students ignored the advice and were desperately ill--not just from Morocco.

One of the adults had done Peace corps in the lower part of the country and lived with the Berbers. she had a number of interesting experiences, all good.

Picture taking was a problem as several people would not let us take pictures when we asked. We did get some great ones, though, at a $1 per person.

The souks were very interesting, but I suggest a guide for the one in Marrakech as I would fear being lost forever in there on my own.

The hotel in Essaouira was dismal, no springs under the mattress, and the shower did not work in most of the rooms, no hall lights, either, even at the stairs. Great location, walking distance to the walled city, but beware of unalerted open manholes in the sidewalk. the food at this resaturant in the hotel was good.

In Marrakech, the hotel was absolutely beautiful, and a long way out of the city--if you have a car, that would be better. The food was good, well cooked, but served cold, well, just room temperature. We did not have heat or hot water and the trip leader spent his first 3 hours there getting the management to realize that we needed both, as it was December. After he actually watched the mainenance men in the basement turn on the heat for the rooms and the water, we were pleased.

Morocco was much colder than I had anticipated--I realize it was December, but we never expected such cold nights.