Subject: San Antonio
The Lone Star museum is close to the King Williams historical district and here you can find the famous Jackalope and other uniquely Texas displays. This is a fun museum complete with a Brewery.

In Market Square across from Mi Tierra is Las Margarita's and they make a Giant Fresh Fruit Margarita that is amazing.

Across form Market Square is St Rose Children's Hospital and here you can find the largest mural in North America.

Corpus Christi is a nice day trip from SA and will have a refreshing sea breese and all the fresh seafood you could want (being land locked in Colorado keeps us craving sea food).

In Casterville (about 45 minutes from downtown SA) you will find Dzukes Meat Market and the BEST TX jerky around. Take I90 South. About 15 minutes from Caterville is the very pretty Lake Medina. A cool dip here may be very welcome in the heat of August.

Biscuts &Gravy Denver,