Subject: Greece, Turkey, Egypt
I have been to all three countries, 3 times to Greece and once to each of Turkey and Egypt. I would agree about not taking the train to Greece. I did once take a bus from Athens to Brussels; it was three days and two nights and I would not particularly recommend the trip. I took the bus (this was in 1989) because I had been warned about the trains not being safe.

I do not think you need a tour in order to visit Turkey. I found Turkey one of the easiest countries to travel in. It has an excellent public transportation system and there is lots of tourist accommodation. I would urge you to visit Cappadocia. I enjoyed Bodrum (it has a great museum of underwater archaeology and is where the famous Mausoleum was), but it does have lots of British tourists. We were there about six years ago so I am sure that many things have changed.

In Egypt we took a tour (with The Imaginative Traveller) for three weeks. I think it would be possible to do Egypt on your own but you might feel more comfortable with a tour group.

Ann Widdowson Victoria, BC