Subject: Albuquerque/Santa Fe/Taos/Chimayo
I want to eat New Mexican food EVERY meal that I'm in New Mexico (preferably, something with green chiles every meal), so I'd opt for eating out.

In consdiering where to stay, understand that Chimayo is a wide spot in the road compared to Santa Fe or Taos (and Taos is smaller than SF)! There is only a choice of a couple of places to stay there, one of which is a B&B directly across the road from Ristorante Rancho de Chimayo and run by the same family...its name is Hacienda Rancho de Chimayo. There are a couple of other B&B's in community, too...but last that I knew, the Ristorante is the sole place to eat.

I am just one of those folks who is crazy about Santa Fe, so I'd stay there. But, to make the best use of the time you have, it makes more sense to base in Chimayo. Since you only have two nights (and part of Day 1, all of Day 2, part of Day 3), I'd do it this way: Day 1, leave ABQ reasonably early and head straight for Taos; browse, eat lunch and an early dinner, but make your way by dusk to Chimayo for overnight. You can do that on a pretty direct route, or do the backroads through several villages, such as the one near which The Milagro Beanfield War was filmed. YOU MUST save time to do the Millicent Rogers Museum just north of Taos. And just south of Taos in Rancho de Taos is the church that is very famous from Georgia O'Keefe paintings. If you want to go yet further afield (you really need another day!), you can go north to Abiqui where O'Keefe lived for many years, and to Ghost Ranch where she painted (now a Presbyterian retreat center). Day 2, drive into Santa Fe and spend the day, leaving there one hour before whenever sunset is (at the office, I have website bookmarked that can tell us that), so as to drive the lovely back road and end up at Ristorante Rancho de Chimayo for dinner just after sunset. Day 3, head south, taking the old road from SF to ABQ, going through Madrid and other villages along that route. There's a bar/cafe in Madrid that is a hoot.

Sally Watkins CTC