Subject: Greece, Turkey, Egypt
We were in Turkey in early June, when the weather was warm, but not hot. I would imagine that it could be a bit cool in Cappadocia in October. I know friends of mine who went there in March found the hotel room very cold at night.

In Istanbul we stayed at the Park Hotel, which is a couple of blocks from Hagia Sophia, so it is in a good location. The hotel also had a shuttle service to the airport. In Goreme we stayed at the Ufuk pension which was fairly spartan. The owners also had a restaurant in town. In Selcuk we stayed at the Anzak and Artemis Pension for about the same price; the management here was particularly helpful and they provided a free lift to Ephesus. Probably the nicest place we stayed at in Turkey was in Ilhara, but unfortunately I can't remember the name; it was the first pension on the right as you come into the village. I would recommend staying a night in Ilhara as the valley below is spectacular. We used public transport throughout our trip, but we also took a couple of days trips. One was from Goreme to visit one of the underground cities and some churches, and the other was from Selcuk to visit the sites of Miletos, Didyma and Priene. Both tours were very reasonable--about $10 per person for a full day.

In Athens, I have stayed at the YWCA, which is in the center of the city. I was on my own at the time and shared a room with a lady from Japan; I believe that they also have private rooms for couples, but you would have to check this. I have also stayed at the Tempi in the Plaka district but I would not recommend it (noisy, dark and the room was full of mosquitoes). I have visited Nauplion and Delphi as well as the islands of Lesbos, Paros, Astipalia, Kos and Rhodes. However, I know there are many others on this list who have visited Greece more recently than I have and can give you lots of suggestions.

Ann Widdowson Victoria, BC