Subject: Central Europe restaurants
I once found, just walking, a wonderful hotel in the center of everything, I mean, off the Graben within walking distance of the Hofburg, the Stephansdom, etc. It is in a small plaza facing the Peterskirche. The name was -I hope it still is- Hotel Wandl - 1010 Wien, Petersplatz 9 Tel 63 63 17, 63 63 18. It was old and confortable with huge rooms and VERY small bathrooms. The staff were very nice. I don't remember any particular restaurant because mainly we were looking for homestyle food -or what we thought was homestyle food- that would remind us of our childhood and only entered in places that looked homey. Nevertheless let me tell you that at one point we were in a hurry and entered into a serve-yourself place near the Albertina Museum and had the best sauerkraut and sausages that we had ever eaten. Also, near the University, past the Rathaus in the Ring are many excellent old fashioned small restaurants. Hope it will help a little.