Subject: Tuscany
This is the part of Tuscany I love more than else. Montepulciano is charming and you'll discover wonderful little towns all around. Orvieto sits on a huge rock and is full of pottery and china shops. I agree with Marco's suggestion to see the dying town of Civita di Bagnoregio. Pitigliano and surroundings look like time has stopped at centuries ago. Take your time to visit the countless Aetruscan necropolis: no fee, except for the largest tomb, and you can take a magic walk across the woods where you'll find hidden graves carved into walls of soft stone, or stroll along the sacred routes, trenches deeply digged into the hills. Massa Marittima is a little Siena, with a great view from mountains to the sea.

In all these places you'll enjoy great food and warm people. When going around you'll be wonderfully alone (no tourist season) but get ready for rain and some cold days, as weather in March usually is very unpredictable.

Paolo from the cold and windy Northeastern Italy