Subject: RE: Honeymoon inquiry

I just returned from Europe on my Honeymoon and have traveled there extensively as well. If you would like you can email directly for more info but I would agree Sally ... I definitely would not make Brussels my 'home base'.

BTW there is a wonderful, bucolic family owned bed and briefest in Ghent that has its own private cabins with fireplace, horses grazing etc. that would be perfect for a romantic getaway (it's where I proposed!)

If anything it should be Brussels that is the day trip ... go to the grote markt and then back to Paris or up to Antwerp for some diamond shopping! In Antwerp I suggest the Hotel Firean on the south side of the city.

If you are set on making a north-of-paris trip then I would make Luxembourg City my home base. It's wonderful!!! I suggest the Hotel Grunwald; it not as centrally located as the rest of the nicer hotels but getting downtown is very easy on the Bus or by taxi and the Grunwald area is very quaint. If you do this and want to travel in the Benelux countries I suggest renting a car. The countryside drives are fabulous and you can even sneak to Germany fairly easily. A car is wonderful way to get around the Benelux area; just be prepared to find a parking spot in each city and then travel by public means. I have had great success with this.

Remember if you plan to travel by train to keep tuned to radio and television (know french!!) for train strikes. Even though they usually only last 4 hours - 1 day it can ruin your vacation quickly because you'll end up missing all of your day trips. For quick city-to-city touring I highly suggest a car; especially if you must be there on a certain date.

Anyway if you're interested email me and I can give you more specific info once I know what type of travelers you are and what you're looking for.

Congratulations!! And have a great time!!!!