Subject: RE: Central Europe restaurants - GTGs
Hi, Don and Linda.

Grinzing is a good idea, and it is easy to reach. The tram 38 (from Schottentor) stops right in the middle, or you could get the D tram until Heiligenstadt and then the bus 38A. I am sorry I cannot recommend any. We used to go in big groups, and I never wrote down the name of the places. But it is good fun for a group. In some of them you can bring your own food, and just buy the drinks. Also you can find a self-service counter.

There are a couple of places I like. I went back in December to Zu den drei Hacken, and it was so nice as always. It is located in the Singerstrasse. If you are in the K#rtnerstrasse, itīs the last street on your right when reaching Stephansdom. You walk around 5 minutes, and the restaurant is on your right. They donīt have so big Schnitzels as in Figlmllerīs, but they are very good value, and they have a nice weisser gespritztī.

Also, if you like italian, Da Capo is a good place (donīt remember right now the street, although I can arrive there).

Wrenkh for vegetarians...

Ice-cream season begins in March. Go to Hohe Markt and to Schwedenplatz, and tell me which one do you prefer. Thatīs one of the biggest disagreements I have with my best friend. I prefer Hohe Markt, she is a Schwedenplatz girl. Anyway, both of them are great.

For cakes, Aida. I think Laurie will agree with me. And Demel deserves a visit.

Please, go to the Hawelka. I know itīs shabby, I know itīs smoke-filled, and I know probably they will sit you with other people, but itīs great. At the Braunerhof you can hear (check the Cafes listing at the Tourist Office, I think they were changing addresses in March) a trio. In the Cafe Stein, in Schottentor, you can find Internet access. Across your hotel, you can find the Prckel, in Stubenring. Check the flower stand across the Ring.

Too many things, I am sure I remember more, and Iīll post them.

Kind regards from Covadonga in Bilbao