Subject: RE: Australia planning
From: Patrick Horton

>Being a Melbournian I thought it my duty to reply.

>You say you've only got three weeks and yet this is a big country, just
>under the USA in the list of big countries. I mention this just to check
>whether you want to drive everywhere.
>You can drive from Melbourne to Adelaide in a day and then get to Alice
>Springs will take another two days (not overtaxing yourself).

Yes, the plan is to drive to these areas. My friend and I realize the distance and the possible boredom factor :-) We wish to experience the reality of the size of Australia. Often times in the past flying from one destination to the next produces an 'unreal' aspect for me.

We have only just begun planning and are not sure of our exact dates yet. We know that we cannot put off the flight reservations due to summer and Christmas holiday travel.

This is one area we wish to check out for sure! We are hoping to find an inn on a vineyard to stay at for Christmas time. I have checked a few internet sites and will be looking at various B&B books - it looks hopeful.

Patrick, what do you recommend as not to be missed in Melbourne. We love arts, performing arts, fine dining, nature, hikes/walks, history. Thanks for all of your tips. Take into account my friend and I are single women aged 30 and 40 respectively.

Cynthia Kilian in Woodstock, Illinois USA