Subject: Re: Honeymoon in Europe--Thanx, and more questions (of course)
Hi, all:

Thanks for all the useful info.

After some discussions with SWMBO (she who must be obeyed ;=]), we thought that the idea of several (4-5) days in Brugges (as a base for Amsterday, Brussels, Ghent and/or Antwerp) and several days (4-6) in Paris (with a side trip to Giverny) would be a good idea.

That having been said, how do we go about arranging this sort of trip? Travel Agency? Tour Operator? Web Based Travel Service?

If anyone has any specific recommendations for hotels (especially in Paris and Brugges), restaurants, sites not to be missed and other tips, I'd really appreciate hearing them.

We'd like to fly Continental, as I have enough FF miles to upgrade purchased coach tickets to Business/First class. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks for the speedy replies, and for any info anyone may provide.

Best regards,