Subject: Honeymoon in Europe
How should you make plans: Do a lot of reading and internet browsing to get ideas about what you want to see and do and what sort of places you want to stay in. Then I would find a REALLY GOOD travel agent and work with him/her in putting together the trip you want. A good travel agent has contacts and knowledge that you do not have, lots of time personal experience. Let the agent know your budget and the types of things you like to see and do. A good agent will plan the kind of trip you want at no more cost than doing it on your own. (I am not an agent nor am I related to one--just lucky enough to have found, many years ago, a good travel agent on whom we have relied so much). A big plus is that you have someone back home to contact if there are any problems while you are away--I know our agent has many times been called in the middle of the night by her clients who are having a problem abroad--and she takes care of them! Have a wonderful honeymoon! Cheers, Pat in Baltimore