Subject: RE: RE: Central Europe restaurants - GTGs
Grinzing is a good idea, and it is easy to reach. The tram 38 (from Schottentor) stops right in the middle, or you could get the D tram until Heiligenstadt and then the bus 38A. I am sorry I cannot recommend any.

--I think the one I went to was called Martin Steppe, or something like that (although I think there are 2 or 3 locations with that name).

For cakes, Aida. I think Laurie will agree with me. And Demel deserves a visit.

--Yes, Demel is worth a visit - although I'm not sure if it's worth it to eat there. It's very expensive (but it's beautiful). The one time I ate there (many years ago), my piece of walnut cake had MOLD in the walnuts!! (and yes, Aida is the one I always prefer).

--Another place I like to eat at in Vienna is a very small, stand-up bar where they serve something like open-face sandwiches. The sandwiches are very small, so you can try several different kinds, and they're all delicious (whatever they put on the sandwiches is made into a spread). It's called Trznewski's, and it's on Dorotheegasse, just off the Graben and right near where it meets with Kartnerstrasse. (You'll see the huge sign for it on the Graben, way up high).

Laurie in Mexico City