Subject: Marc's honeymoon
Hi Marc- what a fabulous honeymoon you have planned! Here's my two cents: depending on your wedding plans, you may be really exhausted afterwards and staying put where you can sit and drink Belgian beers (or French wine) and watch the people go by may be all you need. Maybe you should just pick Paris and rent a car for spontaneous day trips when you feel like it. Or do the chateaux of the Loire. I know, I know, I can never stay put when I'm planning a European trip either. So never mind.

Though I usually do all my trip research without travel agents, a honeymoon may be the one time it would help to have everything work. And to have a third party to blame when it doesn't! You also have enough on your mind with the wedding and all.

How about this: depending on what's cheaper, fly in and out of either Paris, Brussels, or Luxembourg. Not necessarily in this order spend 3-4 days in Paris (stay on the Ile Ste. Louis - there have been lots of good hotel suggestions here on the T'zine), drive through the Ardennes region and Luxembourg, stay at a castle or two or, use Ghent as a base for a day in Amsterdam, and a day in Brussels, and spend two nights in ROMANTIC Bruges, . Or save Amsterdam for its very own trip another time - architecturally and canal-wise it is similar to Bruges, so a short visit may not do it justice. will figure out driving distances for you so that you can decide how long you want your days to be. My husband and I were just in Belgium in October, so if I can be of any assistance let me know.

(envious) Erica in Chicago