Subject: A jump in the past (was New Member - 1st trip to Rome)
Hi all,

some Ziners have asked suggestion about Rome, I can tell you how can you do a jump of 2000 year back!!

You have the chance to do a real JUMP IN THE PAST when you'll be in Rome!! To do this jump, let try to rent a bike and bike through the Appia Antica Road Archaeological Park. During Sundays it is a pedestrian road and it is closed to all tourist buses traffic. Appia Antica is an old Romans suburban road built in 312 BC by Appio Claudio in order to link Rome with the southern empire. Appia start from St. Sebastiano Gate and span to the Roman countryside. Few hundred meter from the gate, you'll find a little church named Domine quo vadis ? (it means: Lord, where are you going ?) and this church remember who happened 2000 year ago when St. Peter was run away to Rome by the Appia and he saw Jesus Christi. A bit away you'll find 3 christians catacombs (St. Callisto's, St. Sebastiano's and St. Domitilla's), the old underground galleries used as tombs by first Christians 2000 years ago (there are many kilometers of underground galleries). My preferred one is St. Sebastiano Catacombs while the St. Callisto's are the biggest one and St. Domitilla's are the oldest one. I strongly suggest you to visit at least one of this catacombs!. Nearby the St. Sebastiano catacomb you can find an II War Italian Memorial cemetery: Fosse Ardeatine. In this place in 1944 German Army killed 108 Italians as retaliation again Italians who killed 10 German in Rome some days before. Continuing along Appia you'll find the Circo di Massenzio ruins (309 AD) and the picturesque and well preserved Cecilia Metella's tomb (few year BC, it look like a little castle). You can visit it. Biking along Appia you'll see many graves and tombs of romans era and many romans era ruins along the road. This trip is just 3 or 4 kilometer long in the Rome countryside. I strongly suggest this trip. It was a real jump in the past for me. If you have enough time, don't miss it. Moreover, bike in the town center is a great way to visit Rome and discover secret corners of Rome, its great fountain and its architecture. You can find bike rental shops in many place, in particular into Villa Borghese park.


Ciao. Marco (Milan - Italy).