Subject: BARCELONA suggestions
Hello Leslie,

Owed to all of you is a summary of recommendations from my trip to Barcelona. Quickly, though, here are a few restaurants that I enjoyed, although the restaurant scene in Barcelona is so good, that one would be hard pressed NOT to find a good, inexpensive place just by wandering around.

Cervecer╠a Catalan Mallorca 236 (great tapas, or dinner)

Set Portes (Siete Puertas) Passeig Isabel II 14 (one of the best meals we had.)

La Fonda Passatge Escudellers 10 (Good food, very popular even with a trendy set, prices are dirt cheap.)

Los Caracoles next door to La Fonda (go for the spitted chicken and a bowl of snails, and you will be very happy.)

More later, I hope. Ciao Joel