Subject: Rental Cars in Italy
Hi We rent from AutoEurope, and found them to be the best for us. For $183US, we picked up a really fun Fiat Punto in Rome, kept it for a week, returned it in Venice. ALL charges were included, and AutoEurope provides renters with a receipt that clearly lists everything that is included in the rental. The great prices and this particular service make AutoEurope our favorite rental company. They use the rental offices of the major car rental companies, so it is always convenient. We had our choice of a few pick up spots in Rome. After using Kemwell, and being inconvenienced and charged extra, we won't use them again. As far as the large consolidator/wholesale rental companies go, AE is the one for us. Our travel agent arranged this rental for us, but I have also done it myself.

Hope this helps. Debbie