Subject: Renting cars -- Kemwel? AutoEurope?

We always rent from Auto Europe and have never found any unexpected surprises at the pick-up or the return. We have always rented through a travel agent and all infomation is in the paperwork we receive while still in the USA. However, there is one confusing thing--they charge part of the cost before we leave the States and then the rest is charged after we return the car. And the rates are stated in the foreign currency as well as in dollars. The exchange rate should not change after the deposit is made, but it can be altered if you request it if the exchange rate becomes more favorable to the renter after the arrangements have been made.

Once, in Ireland, they said we could choose to return the car full and they would take off the required prepayment of a full tank. Despite our insistence that we did not want to pay for a full tank up front, they persisted. Upon return, with a full tank, we did not get the refund expected. The travel agent contacted Auto Europe and the amount charged was creditied to our charge card!

Having never rented in England I do not know policies of the car rental agency, but, remember, Auto Europe contracts with another agency to provide the rental, and that agency, (Hertz, Avis, ??? whomever) may have rules imposed upon the renter that you did not expect. You can always clear that with Auto Europe before you leave the States.