Subject: Las Vegas
Gretchen and Erica,

I am not an authority on Las Vegas, even I go for conventions every year. I hear the Paris is nice, but the Bellagio is a beautiful hotel. For a minute you forget you in Las Vegas. I have not seen the art exhibit, but there is a water show in the evenings that I like.

I like to stay at the Rio because the rooms are larger (suites) and not that expensive. But it is off the Strip, so it is less convenient. You cannot walk anywhere easily.

I love Cirque de Soleil; I have seen it four times. If you have not seen it you should. I think it is at Treasure Island; you might want to call in advance for tickets. Everything else depends on your taste. There are dozens of shows at any time -- Broadway shows, things like Riverdance, etc. Some are priced reasonably, others are expensive.

As far as restaurants -- I really liked P.F. Chang. Chinese food with an interesting twist. This is a chain that is being rolled out nationally now. I also ate at an Italian restaurant at Mandalay that I liked. There are also several restaurants I like at Caesar's Forum Shops, and the retail stores are interesting while you wait for a table.

I never get a car in LV, although my friends like to have one. I take cabs everywhere and they are not that expensive. You can also walk along the Strip. Since it will be your first time, I would try to see the downtown casinos too. All of the hotels have information regarding tours to Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, etc.

I hope this small amount of information helps. Have fun.

Ed edclancy