Subject: Las Vegas
Erica and Gretchen,

I must have missed Ericaís original post. I was in Las Vegas last November and several times before, always on pleasure rather than business. Last fall we stayed at Bellagio and although very pricey, it is awesome! We did see the Bellagio art exhibit and it is definitely not to be missed! An exquisite collection of fine art representative of all periods from classical to modern and very carefully selected. The audio cassette tour is really very well done too. We toured all of the new hotels and had seen the others previously. The time before, we stayed at Treasure Island.Several years ago, we took the tour to Hoover Dam and found it to be very worthwhile and enjoyable. This is a bus tour (possibly Greyline)that goes to the dam and then stops at the Ethel M candy factory on the way back. All of the hotels have information and can help you. We saw an add in one of the tourist magazines we picked up at the airport and called ourselves. Las Vegas is like an adult Disneyland I think. Itís fun and exciting, especially the first time, and tiring at the same time. Itís always crowded with people and lots is going on everywhere! We donít gamble much, but are always very busy. Donít miss Mystere at Treasure Island and ìOî at Bellagio. They are both Cirque de Soleil shows, so youíll probably want to choose one or the other. Tickets to top shows in Las Vegas are very expensive ($ ìOî is $100 per seat and Mystere is about $80 now, I think. Getting tickets to the top shows is also very competitive. Let me know if I can help some more.