Subject: Paris hotel
John, Sarah and I stayed at the Deux Iles several years ago. It was charming. I remember the rooms being small. We loved the location, right in the middle of Ile St. Louis. I don't know if the Relais St. Sulpice is the same hotel Sarah stays at in Paris. Her notes just say *St. Sulpice*. It is right behind the St. Sulpice church. If it is the same hotel, she likes it a lot. Very good location, good staff, nice rooms. She recommends it without reservation. I think she told me that she pays $150-$200/night depending on the room. I have never stayed at Le Bourdonnais, but I have stayed in the Eiffel Tower area. I prefer staying on the Ile St. Louis, the Left Bank or St. Germain, but that is a personal preference. Ed edclancy